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Social Enterprise

Social enterprise exemplifies the ethics of an economy of care wherein the goals of social well-being, environmental health and sustainability, and cultural diversity are at the fore. It evades traditional restrictions on who is included in the labour market by encouraging values such as collaboration, connection, and both social and environmental benefits, as well as by identifying the intrinsic connection between personal and economic well-being. At Operation Grow, this has empowered the participation of women and community members in ways aligned with the goals of addressing food scarcity, isolation, poverty, and the impacts of trauma. Engaging in a social enterprise model has allowed Operation Grow to put emphasis on women’s health and wellbeing, assets and capabilities in efforts to foster economic stability, as well as on the importance of social support as a means of both building and sustaining those assets.  

Supporting social, environmental, and economic change 

We believe the power of social enterprise rests in the idea that we can each make a powerful difference in building a world where each individual recognizes the power they have to create positive and lasting change in their community. By providing opportunities to women and creating opportunities for community involvement, we are nourishing a vision of social transformation where violence against women will truly end.