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At Operation Grow, we provide diverse programming options to help women who have suffered from violence. Our goal is to offer additional support to our members in a safe and welcoming environment. Reach out today to join our collective community and take advantage of these services.

Certified Kitchen

Operation Grow has an inspected community kitchen available to women to help enhance food literacy through meal preparation, cooking, and nutrition workshops.

The kitchen is also available for rent to local entrepreneurs looking to make goods for the re-sale market. Contact us today to learn more!


Operation Grow features a yoga and meditation studio to provide further support to women who have experienced violence. Yoga and meditation are considered a best practice in their ability to reduce the impacts of trauma by re-integrating the mind and body (Van Der Kolk, 2014). As a result of trauma, we become disconnected from our physical bodies and trauma-informed yoga can help to re-establish this connection. Yoga sessions must move at a snail pace, in order to be able to work through their discomfort and heal. Connection to others, to ourselves, and to something larger than ourselves is vital to overcome the impacts of trauma (Haskell, 2014). Yoga has the ability to build these connections, by cultivating a relationship with the interior world and a caring, loving sensual relationship to self (Van Der Kolk, 2014).

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